Advisory Board


Dr. Julia Nesheiwat serves on the United States Arctic Research Commission and is a Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council, focused on global energy and climate issues. Dr. Nesheiwat brings over 20 years of experience in critical infrastructure, energy resources, climate, environmental science, and national and homeland security serving in the Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden Administrations. Dr. Nesheiwat is a combat veteran and former intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, serving consecutive tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. She was a senior executive in cabinet-level agencies, including the Department of State and Director of National Intelligence. Dr. Nesheiwat completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Additionally, Dr. Nesheiwat earned a BA from Stetson University and a MA from Georgetown University. She’s served as visiting professor at the U.S. Naval Post-Graduate School, a lecturer at the University of California San Diego and at Stanford University. She is a speaker of Arabic and Japanese.

Dr. Nesheiwat brings substantial expertise in public policy and climate action, and will help to guide the Company’s clean, zero carbon growth strategy.