Nazar Khan

Nazar Khan, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Nazar Khan is the Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Board Member of TeraWulf Inc. Mr. Khan brings tremendous experience in energy infrastructure and cryptocurrency mining and has led TeraWulf’s business strategy since day one. As COO and CTO, Mr. Khan oversees the development and implementation of TeraWulf’s day-to-day operations, including hardware procurement, site evaluation, infrastructure buildout and identification of future growth opportunities. Mr. Khan previously served as Executive Vice President of Beowulf Energy LLC for nearly 20 years, where he led the firm’s acquisition and development efforts. Prior to Beowulf, Mr. Khan worked at Evercore Partners Inc. in both investment banking and private equity. Mr. Khan received a B.S. and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.